Ticket Prices HBL PSL 9 2024 – General To VIP Seats

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is a professional Twenty20 cricket league, which is the top cricket league in Pakistan.  HBL PSL 9, is started from February 9 to March 19, 2024, while the Cricket fans are interested to know the ticket prices for the various categories.

Pakistan Super League 2024 Tickets:

The ticket prices for HBL PSL 9 have been announced, and they range from General to VIP seats. 

  • General Tickets: These tickets are the most affordable option, and they start from  PKR 500 to 1,000
  • Premium Tickets: Premium tickets offer a more comfortable seating experience and are priced  PKR 1,000 to 4,000
  • First Class Tickets: These tickets provide an even better seating experience and their  prices are from PKR 1500 to 2500
  • VIP Tickets: VIP tickets offer the best seating experience and their prices range from PKR 2,000 to 8,000

Requirements of Booking PSL 9 2024 Ticket:

To book a ticket for HBL PSL 9 2024, you must provide valid information, including your CNIC details, as it is mandatory for purchasing tickets. Following are the ticket prices for upcoming matches:  

Qualifier and Eliminators at National Bank Cricket Arena, Karachi

  • VIP: 5000 PKR
  • Premium (Qualifier Match): 2500 PKR
  • Premium (Eliminators): 3000 PKR
  • First Class: 1500 PKR
  • General: 750 PKR

Final Match at National Bank Cricket Arena, Karachi:

  • VIP: 8000 PKR
  • Premium: 4000 PKR
  • First Class: 2500 PKR

General: 1000 PKR

PSL 9 Tickets Refund Policy:

The Refund Policy  for Ticket Prices of HBL PSL 9 is as follows:

  • Made Refund Request within 72 hours of the event date.
  • The Overall procedure will take 30 working days from the event date.
  • The branch will issue the refund amount using the same payment method used during ticket purchasing.

Physical Tickets Mandatory:

Physical tickets are mandatory for entry to all HBL PSL 9 matches, and e-tickets (digital copies or self-printed) are not acceptable at the venues. Fans can collect their online booked tickets from TCS Express pick-up centers or home delivery by TCS.


In conclusion, cricket fans have been highlighting Feb and March on their calendars in the excitement of the live action of HBL PSL 9 2024, straight from the stadium. Online ticket booking will be available on the PCB https://psl-t20.com/official website Remember to provide your CNIC details while booking the tickets, and physical tickets are mandatory for entry to all HBL PSL 9 matches.


  • How to get PSL 9 2024 tickets other than online? People can get  HBL PSL 9 tickets from the TCS Express pick-up center.
  • Can I transfer my PSL ticket to someone else after purchase? HBL PSL Tickets are non-transferable. You can use individual tickets with one CNIC, and don’t give your ticket to someone else during the booking process.

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