List of Top Ten Trending Fast Foods in Pakistan

Fast food trend is the latest and never-ending trend in the young generation. Whether it’s a party or a celebration, a get-together with friends, or want to eat something different and special, or there isn’t something cooked in the house, or have to order something urgently for the guests, fast food is the first thing that grabs everyone attention. Fast food includes a variety of easily processed food including burgers, pizza, soft drinks etc. So, in this article, we are going to enlist Top Ten fast foods that are highly famous among people nowadays.

The fast food industry has been gaining popularity consistently over the last decade in Pakistan. Almost every other city in Pakistan has food points of popular fast-food chains. Every corner of the city has restaurants and stalls offering junk food.
There are number of popular food chains of the world that are also present in Pakistan. These chains include

  • KFC
  • McDonal’s
  • Subway
  • Burger king
  • Hardees
  • Pizza Hut
  • Domino’s
  • OPTP
  • Pepsi
  • Mountain dew
  • Cheezious

Other than international chains there are also some Pakistani based fast food chains, that includes

  • Pizza Corner
  • Chaudry Chicken
  • Haji burgers
  • Savour food

The above-mentioned top fast food brands in Pakistan provide a number of fast food lists that are loved by people of all ages. Here we are going to mention the Top Ten fast food that is enjoyed by people. So, the list of most popular fast food includes

  • Zinger Burgers
  • Pizza
  • Fries
  • Fried Chickens
  • Sandwiches
  • Pizza fries
  • Chicken wings
  • BBQ
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Shawarma

The most famous fast food is burgers and pizza in Pakistan. Every other person either elder or kids enjoy eating them. A number of popular food chains in Pakistan provide a variety of burgers and pizza on their menu.
The best burgers in Pakistan are provided by KFC. They prepare chicken zinger burgers. Their burgers are very crispy and delicious.
Pizza hut, dominos, pizza corner and cheezies are some famous fast food chains in Pakistan that provide Pakistan best pizza variety. They offer different types of pizzas on their menu. The best pizza types that are offered include chicken tikka and chicken grilled pizza, pepperoni and mushroom pizza, chicken fajita, filled crust pizza, luxurious cheese pizza and cheeseburger pan pizza.

The Famous Fast Food in Famous Cities of Pakistan

Pakistan’s famous cities have different fast-food chains in their commercial and local areas. People who want to enjoy fast food from famous chains but aren’t aware of the famous fast food chains that are in their city. They can avail the chance and from this article can get the information about these food points and can visit them.
Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and one of the most developed cities. Islamabad has many famous food chains in its area. The best fast food in Islamabad can be offered by subways, howdy, Hardees, KFC and McDonalds.
Rawalpindi is the twin city of Islamabad. It also has many famous food chains and the best fast food in Rawalpindi can be provided KFC, Hardees, subway, savour, Tehzeeb etc.
Lahore is one of the cities that is famous for its dishes. Other than restaurants providing desi dishes Lahore also has many famous fast food chains. The restaurants that offer the best fast food in Lahore includes Hakuna Matata, subway, food shacks, johnny jug etc.
The best fast food in Peshawar is offered by KFC, Coneheads, Hardee’s Mr. Cod, Wakhan cafes and bakers.
Karachi is a hub of fast-food chains. The best fast food in Karachi is obtained by mirchilli, Mcdonald’s, Burger King, Subway, Karachi breast, Bovi chic and Jans food.
Other than these famous fast food chains many famous food streets in Pakistan are there to provide delicious fast food. It’s the best place for a foodie person as such streets provide different variety of foods. There are many famous food streets in Pakistan and some of them include

  • Burns road food street in Karachi
  • Gawalmandi food street in Lahore
  • Hussainabad food street in Karachi
  • Melody food street in Islamabad
  • Namakmandi food street in Peshawar
  • Pindi food street in Rawalpindi

The reason why these top ten fast food is popular among people is because of their unique crispy and spicy taste and the short time in their preparation. Other than these fast food are also prioritized because fast food brands have fast services and also quick home deliveries. We hope you enjoyed our list of top ten fast foods and these all foods are also on your favourite fast food list.