Best Qi Wireless Charger Pads

If you continually look for a power outlet while carrying multiple cable cords, you need to get a wireless charging power bank. You’ll be familiar with the Qi wireless charger pad if you ever face fast battery drainage or frayed cable issues. The iconic smartphone companies got huge attention about Qi wireless charge in the past few years and today this tech is buzzing worldwide.

Running out of battery when you’re out on the move can be annoying and disastrous. Give your smartphone a battery boost when you’re out and about with no fuss no muss. Build your own circuit and protect the phone from the damage of repeated plugging and unplugging. It makes the process simple by just putting the phone down at the Qi wireless charger pad. Its fast, effortless and provide power to all Qi-enabled devices simultaneously including smartwatches, air-pods, or headsets. Moreover, it puts less wear and tear on the cables and shuts off automatically when it’s fully charged. Car manufacturers have also been getting on board and some of them have integrated the magnetic USB charger inside the cars to keep your gadget going until the day ends.

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VimPower Qi wireless charger pad  (22000mAh)

Qi wireless charger pad

This compact and a little more mighty model offers almost everything you need at a reasonable price with a whopping 22000 mAH capacity. This means you can recharge multiple devices pretty quickly at numerous times without any issue.

The VimPower is best suited for iPhone users and android too. Besides that, it features 2 USB A ports, 1 Type C port, and 2 Micro USB ports to give a power boost. We can’t promise this power bank will give a full charge, but it will surely last until the end of the day. This Qi wireless charger pad is impressive if you are scratching your head for space or want a gravy battery boost.

VimPower attaches magnetically to the smartphone and looks good in the hands too due to the matte look and fine grip. The Integrated chip is carefully designed to prevent high-voltage circumstances and current regulations to keep the device safe. Moreover, it comes with a 3-year warranty and outstanding user-friendly services.

Anker PowerCore (20000mAh) charger pad

Qi wireless charger pad

This can be a lifesaver while on the move to bring your phone back to life. Roughly, littler than a pack of cards offers plenty of options and outstanding equity between capacity and price. It supports multiple devices in a tiny form to get most charges out of it.

Surprisingly sleek, slimline handy design with a hefty 20000mAh capacity makes it a top-tier choice for juicing up Apple, Android phones, and likewise devices including blue-tooth earphones and speakers.

Grab the convenience of wireless existence with a cool LED display to check the battery level with a single press. It comes equipped with a 20W USB C port and an 18W USB  port for quick power support. Considering the price, it’s a worthwhile endeavor and will never let you down. But bear in mind, you can’t count on it for a considerable number of charges.

Mophie PowerStation XL (15000mAh)

Qi wireless charger pad

Mophie has been known for manufacturing portable power-packed chargers with above-average efficiency for years. This XL model surpasses its predecessors and has become everyone’s favorite. Offers a versatile design and stylish appearance with cutting-edge technology.

A loyal travel companion that fits in the palm of a hand and gives a speedy fillup from empty to almost full in a few hours. The sleek fabric and textured finish give a break from the ordinary plastic exterior. Also, it prevents scratching and helps in fine grip.

Four built-in indicator lights stipulate the battery level making it a pretty nice choice for travel bugs. Besides that, a beefy battery capacity of 15000mAh with two USB ports helps to feed maximum power to two devices at once.