5 Minutes Simple Everyday Makeup Routine

Are you in a real hurry and rushing around your bathroom, but don’t want to leave without putting makeup on? Cut corners of a whole glam look and get a  full-face beat with simple everyday makeup in just Five Minutes. Spare your time to look more confident, fresh, and rested without having to apply layer upon layer of makeup. Just follow these easy steps and take your makeup game to next level in no time.

Prep Your Skin First

Have you ever noticed a dull, tired face lacking the natural glow after a long night’s sleep? It might happen due to dead skin cells and clogged pores. The secret lies in the prep! Improve the quality of your skin by pampering and adequate care it deserves to maintain healthy skin. If you have not been applying skincare products, now is the time to do so. Everyone has a different skin type but getting out of your comfort zone and arming the right tools is the real investment.  Let’s dive deep into prepping before going to simple everyday makeup looks.

Step 1: Cleanse your face

Cleanse your face twice a day to remove oil, makeup, dirt, and unwanted debris residing under the skin. Even if you aren’t having makeup, you need to wash your face once because throughout the busy day, our body especially the face gets exposed to various bacteria and dirt. So cleansing might help in removing the impurities, maintaining the skin pH level, and trapping the hydration for a perfect balance.

Finding the right cleanser according to your skin type could be a hassle but a little research will sort out everything. Keeping the process short and meaningful, grab a cleanser and put a pea-sized amount onto your fingers. Rub gently to form a lather, and then move fingers along the face in a circular motion. Yeah, you’re done!

Step 2: Apply Moisturizer

Start with a nickel-sized amount for your entire face and don’t rub it into your palm. Use your ring finger and dab it all over your face. Never apply your moisturizer on dry skin, always put it on the damp skin to trap the actual hydration.

Step 3: Follow up with a Sunscreen

If you’re not applying sunscreen, stop complaining about the discoloration, tanning, dark spots, and leathery appearance of your face because complaining not gonna resolve anything. Extended hours outside when the sun is t its peak with no sunblock can cause skin cancer, premature aging, inflammation, wrinkles, fine lines, and more due to the harmful UV rays. The only way to protect the sunburns is picking the sunscreen with SPF level 30 or more and applying it after every 2 hours even in cloudy weather. Now it’s time to jump into the everyday makeup routine for beginners with some TikTok makeup hack!

Pro Tip: Water, Sleep, and more colors to Diet can fix everything!


After skincare, start your simple everyday makeup with a few drops of foundation for sheer/medium coverage and a more natural finish. Blend your foundation with a brush or sponge, but for 5 minutes makeup sponge would be great. Otherwise, it’s perfectly okay to skip foundation in everyday makeup if you don’t need it. No doubt, as its name indicate it performs the groundwork for a flawless look but if you are not trying to hide something, go foundation free next morning. Also, you can try a concealer as an alternative for lighting dark circles and scars.

Pro Tip: Treat the dry, flaky patches by pressing a scotch tape against them before doing the rest of your makeup.

Brow Definer

Next up in the minimal makeup routine is Brow definer. Use powder or eye pencil that matches your hair color. Secondly, define the shape of your brows with a comb that comes along with the crayon. Then fill the sparse areas with a light hand for a natural look.

Pro Tip: Taking a small piece of masking tape can help in framing the brows.


Truly a girl’s best friend when it comes to fixing droopy eyes! Give extra volume and length to your eyelashes by adding a few coats of mascara. It makes a huge impact on the eyes, making them fuller and more awake. Clean the smudges with a cotton swab anywhere around the eyelid.

Pro Tip: If your mascara is dried out, add a few drops of Contact Lens Solution into your mascara tube and it’s ready to use.

Blush or Tint

Give a rosy glow to the apples of your cheeks with a powder blush or cheek tint for the best makeup routines. A light dusting or dabbing can add a boost and a natural flush to your makeup look. It highlights the cheekbones and uplifts the face like no other product. A tint is another great choice as it blends so well and can be used for flushing the colors to cheeks, lips, and even eyes.

Pro Tip: If you have rough-textured or bumpy skin then don’t go for shimmery blush pallets as it makes the bumps more visible.

Lip Color

A holy grail to your makeup routine! But first put some Vaseline or any lip balm you have at home to keep your lips hydrated, moist and smooth. Lip color has transformative powers if applied and chosen properly. So spare a few minutes and select the shades that suit your complexion and make a blast.

Pro Tip: Pick a lipstick that matches the color family as that of your blush. Moreover, for a more natural nude shade, look into the mirror and pull down the lower lip. It’s the perfect nude shade according to your skin tone.

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