Best Carbon Tracker Apps: Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation

We’re living on the verge of Global warming! Are you concerned about climate change mitigation? But it goes beyond the flights you take or whether you travel by carpool or personal vehicle. Along with your choice of clothing, shoes, and accessories, your diet is also a major factor. With ample variables, analyzing carbon footprints by yourself seems impossible. But think about turning smartphones into carbon trackers for a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Pretty surprising right? Swipe down to explore the indirect effects of climate change and the best carbon tracker app or go green app for climate change adaptation mitigation and resilience.

For more than a century, the rate of increase in global warming has accelerated, and today’s temperatures are the highest ever recorded. Undoubtedly, the current warming trend is unique and caused by human activities. Assuredly, human-created atmospheric gases are trapping more solar energy in the Earth’s system. This additional energy has caused widespread and quick changes in the atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere, and biosphere. Unusual hot days and heat waves are a normal component of the weather’s day-to-day variability. However, hotter-than-normal days and nights are becoming more prevalent. Similarly, heat waves are predicted to increase in frequency and intensity as the Earth’s temperature warms.

There are myriads of simple actions that can slow down the impacts of climate change. However, we must first comprehend how much carbon we are daily emitting into the atmosphere. We can start developing plans to reduce our carbon emissions once we have a comprehensive grasp of their scope and sources.

Carbon tracker app or sustainable investing apps are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to mitigate the indirect effects of climate change. These sustainability apps typically allow users to track their carbon footprints by inputting information about their daily activities and habits, such as transportation, energy use, and diet. Some carbon footprint calculator apps also offer personalized tips and suggestions for reducing emissions, as well as information on the carbon impact of different products and activities.

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The Indirect Effects of Climate Change

Global warming’s impact on Humans, Plants, and animals

The disruption of food and water systems, vector-borne diseases, as well as mental health problems, are all already affecting the climate. In addition, many of the social factors, such as access to healthcare, equality, and livelihoods, are the reasons for climate change. The most disadvantaged people, such as women, children, ethnic minorities, migrants, and elderly populations, are disproportionately affected by these climate-sensitive health concerns.

As we all know, Oceans play a crucial role as “carbon sinks”! They absorb significant volumes of carbon dioxide and keep it from rising into the upper atmosphere. Additionally, the Arctic is rising at a rate at least twice that of the rest of the world. This is because melting glaciers and land ice contribute so significantly to global sea level rise, and is most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Contemporary, most plants adapt to climate change in their early blossoming. But because of stressed ecosystems and shifting precipitation patterns, these changes are occurring too quickly for many other plants and animals. Some invasive species, such as lionfish and ticks, may proliferate in even more locations as a result of climate change.

A half billion people depend on fish from coral reefs as their primary source of protein, so it’s not just tragic for the fauna. Similarly, by lowering pH, carbon dioxide absorbed into the ocean has already started to slow down the rate of calcification in animals that create reefs. As a result, mass coral bleaching episodes and infectious disease epidemics are occurring more frequently as temperatures rise.

Technology Climate Change Mitigation

The carbon tracker app can be a useful tool for individuals who want to make a difference in their own lives and contribute to the larger effort to combat climate change. By tracking their carbon footprint and making small changes to their daily habits, individuals can make a meaningful impact in reducing carbon emissions for future generations. Some popular carbon tracker app include Klima, Joro, and Greenly.

Best Carbon Tracker App


This app to calculate carbon footprint provides an intuitive interface and comprehensive features to track, measure and reduce carbon emissions of single and/or multiple individuals. Moreover, it motivates the user to take environmentally sound actions against climate change in a secure and reliable way.


  • Offers suggestions and tips
  • Includes climate change video series
  • Real-time tracking
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone
  • Provides a social sharing feature to add people


  • Paid


The most accurate and easy Go Green app that helps to set green goals by making eco-friendly choices under several categories in three minutes. This carbon combating app is designed especially for small and large businesses that let users measure their carbon footprints through their credit cards.


  • Credit card connectivity
  • Green cashback rewards
  • Android + iPhone compatibility
  • Includes challenges and quizzes
  • Offers sustainable alternatives


  • Designed for businesses only


A carbon counterbalance, carbon footprint calculator with personalized action plans and science-based recommendations to massively combat carbon emissions. This app aims to track the carbon footprints of everything you buy by analyzing your purchasing data.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Carbon off-setting projects
  • Multiple spending categories
  • Real-time tracker


  • Paid

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