Best E-learning Apps For Learning New Language

With the arrival of a global pandemic, half the population has moved to digital platforms. Whether working from home or learning, millions of apps started coming into the light and made end-users. If it was not for these apps, bridging the gap that the pandemic has caused would have been almost impossible. A lot of people still are unaware of these digital platforms and we after extensive research have prepared a list of the best free E-Learning apps. Let’s dive in! 


Before writing about the apps, let’s establish the definition of e-learning. It is a way of learning using all the digital resources. Although e-learning is based on systematized learning, it is provided through different e-devices such as tablets, computers, and mobile phones that are connected to the Internet. The majority of the mass prefers using mobile phones as they are handy.

Since, the last decade, there is a huge increase in the usage of learning apps. Finding the best free apps for learning can be an arduous task. So, we have consumed some hours to find the best free learning apps for the students and also for the businesses which are listed below.

Best Free E-Learning Apps for Language Learning:

If you are an employee or fond of working, planning to study abroad, or simply want to become a polyglot you will definitely be struggling to learn different languages on a priority basis.  While you are on the hunt for some learning way that must synchronize with your schedule, we have dug out an amazing app for you. Duolingo is an amazing free language learning app that comes in a premium version as well, only if you want to explore some additional features.

Duolingo Learning App:

It is one of the best language learning platforms requiring no prior knowledge of a certain language. With its word repetition feature, you can develop your speaking skills alongside reading and listening skills. It organizes the lessons and teaches a large number of foreign language words from basic to difficult.

Alongside the English language, the other popular languages available in this app are French, German, Arabic, Italian, Irish etc. According to Statista: In 2021, Duolingo was the most downloaded mobile language learning app, amassing approximately 86 million downloads from users worldwide.

Khan Academy Learning App:

Another incredible app that we brought out for you is Khan Academy. Mostly, students prefer using this app as it is one of the largest online learning sources. If you want to develop or hone your soft skills, Khan Academy can prove to be the best choice.

The academy’s app works as a complete institution with the provision of education in the best way possible. It is available in both the forms of ios or android to facilitate learners. 

Moreover, this academy also has launched the best free learning app for kids for all kinds of subjects and this new addition makes it exceptional among others. With highly efficient learning methods, the app provides a better learning experience to children.

Udemy Learning App:

Up next on the list is another fascinating learning app, named Udemy. As per our knowledge and research, Udemy is the fastest growing trending app for learning in 2022. It is the platform for all the learners, no matter what age group do they belong to.

By using this app you can ameliorate your skills and knowledge. Moreover, you can get a huge amount of courses including Technical skills, Business development skills, photography, marketing and design. According to our knowledge, udemy will become the best learning app of 2022

Conclusion for E-Learning Apps

In a nutshell, polishing your soft skills to create a bridge between your academic curriculum and industry is pretty necessary. Thanks to the internet and some intellectual geniuses, we have a number of online resources to keep ourselves updated with the fast-moving world. Although it is impossible to label a few apps as the best E-Learning Apps from the sea of apps we have tried our best to do justice and bring forth the ones that can benefit you in every way possible.