Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector


Taking out time from one’s jam-packed schedule can at times be demanding. While on the other hand having weekends rolling around, getting along with family or friends is a must thing too. If you were planning to see a film and visiting a theatre is not included in your checklist, that’s okay. The Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector is worth contemplating. Let’s unfold!

What is a Portable Projector?

Also known as handheld projectors, portable projectors are one of the landmarks of the twentieth century. These impressively little projectors work as standalone streaming devices.

Like a normal projector, these minis are reduced to a portable size ready to beam out high-quality digital images, cartoons, films, YouTube videos, or wallpapers to give your lounge a highly cosy look. You can slip these minis into your luggage and keep endless entertainment on go.

The Freestyle Samsung Smart Projector

Among many other companies, Samsung too has unleashed a Portable LED Smart Projector named The Freestyle. Hook these unexpectedly little projectors to whatever device you fancy and your cinema is all set.


Let’s buckle down the specifications and features that this Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector has to offer. First thing’s first, the easy setup of these dwarfs gives them an extra edge over a normal-sized projector. It’s an absolute piece of the pie that you can use with a remote.

The Freestyle SP is crafted in a way that it can auto-optimize screen size, focus, and level the image with its keystone correction feature, no matter what angle you placed it at hastily.

Streaming Apps:

Additionally, Samsung Pocket Projector does not just set up a tiny theatre for you but facilitates you with exciting other features like streaming. Yes, you can access all your streaming apps and listen to your favourite playlist.

Voice Assistant:

Allow me to stir your curious spirits by mentioning one of the crisp features that this Best Model Samsung Freestyle Projector showcases and that is voice assistant.

Stay on your comfy couch, command the device and let the magic happen. For maximum convenience, this mini comes with a built-in Alexa and Bixby.

Sound Quality:

The teeny-tiny size of the Samsung Portable Projector does not deceive when it comes to sound quality. It has an extremely powerful audio system that gives you a cinematic experience.

Compatibility with an External Battery:

The compatibility of freestyle with the external USB-connected battery banks makes them more fun quotient devices. And that’s an epic spectacle on a portable scale, as averse Samsung.

Finally, Samsung is also planning to release a dedicated waterproof case and battery pack for the Freestyle.

Specs of Samsung Freestyle Portable Prjector:

A few specifications have been listed in the table below.

Screen Size30~100″
Resolution1,920 x 1,080
Sound Output5W
Speaker Type360 Degrees

A Quick Flyover:

The portable film machines have ushered in monumental shifts. If you are an avowed devotee of cinema but ain’t getting enough of the time then these portables are the right thing you are looking up to buying in 2022. Not just that, you can work virtually by playing presentations easily without juggling wires and additional stuff.

Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector is one of the most compact and lightweight devices that you can clutch, slip into your luggage and carry along anywhere you go. Being both pocket and budget-friendly, undoubtedly this projector can get the most bangs for your bucks. Embrace these unique, capacious, and highly adaptive small-film technologies today.

Hit the power on and the world becomes your display.
Happy buying!

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