Top 7 Career Choices You Can Go With

Choosing the right career can be difficult in today’s era with so many choices available. But knowledge of various career fields may help the one to choose the right option based on his/her interests and capabilities.
While choosing a specific path, one must keep some important factors in mind like whether his/her chosen career is professionally rewarding? Is it exciting and most importantly does it pay well?
The mentioned below are the jobs that tick all these parameters accordingly well. Like future scope, better pay rates, and professionalism. Have a look at them and share your thoughts with us about the one you are going to choose.

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Salary Potential: $100,560

A Data Scientist combines mathematics, computer science, and statistics. He analyzes and processes the data and then deciphers the results that help the different organizations to make better decisions.
There has been a huge increase in the demand for data scientists over the past decade. From 2020 to 2021, the percentage of surveyed organizations that employed 50 data scientists or more increased from 30 percent to almost 60 percent.
On average, the number of data scientists employed in an organization grew up from 28 to 50. If you want to pursue your career as a Data Scientist, you must be a bachelor’s degree in math, statistics, engineering, or any other computer-related field. While some data scientist careers require a master’s degree.


Salary Potential: $89,530
A software developer is an individual or a group of individuals who create, design, and build multiple computer programs. They analyze the user’s needs and demands and then design the software accordingly.
There are two major categories of Software Developers, “Application Software Developers” and “Data software developers”. In the current times, Software Developers are in high demand with decent pay rates and secure careers.
If you want to become a software developer you will need at least a bachelor’s degree qualification in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or any other related Computer Field.


Salary Potential: $75,330
Nurses provide medical care to patients. They do a variety of tasks like doing physical exams on patients, drawing blood, taking patients’ history, monitoring the vitals, and so on.
It is no doubt one of the highest paying and demanding jobs in the world. In 2021, graduates from the Helene Fuld College of Nursing had the highest mid-career salary in the United States, at 95,600 US dollars.
If you want to launch your career as a Registered Nurse, you will need to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing that is BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)


Salary Potential: $113,330
A lawyer is the one who provides legal assistance to the people, government agencies, and businesses. He offers legal expertise and services to each when needed.
His/Her major includes legal advice, prosecution, defense before the court, and preparation of legal documents regarding different court and case matters.
Most lawyers in the US have Juris Doctor (JD) Degrees. To enroll yourself in a law school for a JD degree, you must have a bachelor’s degree and a qualified Law School Admission Test LSAT.


Salary Potential: $84,801
The ability of Digital Computers or Robots to perform tasks with Intelligence is called Artificial Intelligence (AI). It stimulates intelligence in machines that then think, reason, and even learn from the past.
It works by processing data through advanced algorithms. Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing careers in the world packed with multiple opportunities.
To pursue AI as a career, one must need to have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. After that, he will be able to apply for an Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning program.


Salary Potential: $142,750
Dentistry is also known as oral medicine used to deal with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various diseases related to the mouth. While Dentist is the person who advises people on how to take care of their dental hygiene.
It is one of the most popular careers since it pays well. To practice this profession you need to have a bachelor’s degree in Dentistry along with completion of all the necessary practical training.


Salary Potential: $137,330
Petroleum Engineers are the individuals who help to locate, maintain, and recover Oil/Gas supplies. They design the machinery required for the extraction of oil and gases from the reservoirs.
Moreover, they inspect the drilling sites, supervise the team, and present the most efficient way to explore oils and gas resources.
To become a Petroleum Engineer you will need to have qualifications in bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering. Those who have done mechanical or chemical engineering can also work in this field but bachelor’s degree holders in Petroleum Engineering are preferred more.

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FINAL THOUGHTS on Top 7 Career Choices

From the above-mentioned list of top career choices, we can conclude that Every milestone, you want to achieve requires hard work, consistency, dedication, and strong decision making if you really want to be successful in choosing your career.
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