Best In-Home Acne Treatments

Are you consistently struggling in choosing the right medication for cystic acne/breakouts? If yes, then some tiny tweaks can make a world of a difference for your skin. Well, you might have visited countless websites to find the actual solution to getting rid of those pesky, stubborn nodules popping around your face. But first, let’s clear up the myth circulating everywhere that “Acne occurs in teenage and ends after puberty”. Acne is not a traumatizing condition only for teens but adults are at the same risk of having it. Several acne types like pustules or nodules could become severe at any age irrespective of gender and skin type if not treated properly. Dive deep to explore multiple solutions for In-home acne treatments.

On a lighter note, we can say that teens especially girls are more prone to cystic acne. The reason could be due to hormonal fluctuations after puberty or during pregnancy. But knowing the root cause is necessary for getting proper treatment and visible results. Furthermore, research suggests that acne vulgaris has a great influence on self-esteem and affects the quality of life across all age groups. As it makes them feel extremely helpless and depressed.

Contrary to mainstream belief, acne has a lot to do with the diet and lifestyle you adopt. It is intricately linked with a handful of factors including genetics, hormonal fluctuation, diet, and skincare routine that contribute to curtain acne. So try swapping all sorts of chocolates, processed food, excess dairy products, and a slight change in circadian rhythm can be helpful. It is important to add that every skin type is unique and demands a different level of attention regarding the use of oral and topical treatments. So it can be a hassle for one and easy for the other, so stop comparing the skin conditions and results with others and stay consistent before spilling over new products.

Clear up cystic acne inside out

Ahead, we rounded up minimalist and effective In-home acne treatments that do not break the bank. Amazingly they work pretty well for all skin types. Additionally, we did not highlight the false statement that these treatments would magically erase blemishes and breakouts overnight. You need to be consistent to confirm the effectiveness of these treatments.

1) Topical treatments of cystic

Next up, to cure persistent acne we have mentioned some of the well-known topical products along with their working

Salicylic acid: It releases the dead skin cells from the pores and controls the sebum production. Removing the dead skin results in unclogged pores and clear skin.

Benzoyl peroxide: it comes in gel or cream and provides In-home acne treatments for teens and adults. The anti-inflammatory properties help to kill the acne-causing bacteria underneath the skin.

Tretinoin: it increases the cell turnover and eases the clogged pores.

Corticosteroids injections: given by healthcare professionals to treat large nodular cysts and inflammation caused by bacterial infections.

2) Oral medication

Over-the-counter topical creams and serums might not be adequate to clear breakouts. That’s why some oral medications along with these treatments could help to combat the extreme acne condition.

Antibiotics: including tetracycline, clindamycin, and erythromycin are effective in treating cystic acne. But be mindful that the results usually last for several months. Moreover, such medication could be harmful if you’re pregnant or undergoing other skincare therapies like Laser or IPL.

Isotretinoin: known as Accutane is the only oral therapy that responds well to nearly all deep, stubborn, and painful cystic or nodular acne types. It normalizes the skin growth and shrinks the oil grand in order to produce little or no oil. Girls with mild acne on Accutane should keep away from being pregnant at least for a month after treatment.

3) Acne Control therapies

Blue Light Therapy has been clinically proven to control acne and improve the appearance of the skin without using harsh chemicals peels. It is a non-invasive and drug-free LED treatment, with no adverse side effects. The in-office or in-home ace treatment therapy really helps to fade existing scars and prevent future breakouts.

Red Light Therapy uses low wavelength light that offers acne scars the best treatments and improves the overall appearance of the skin. This includes fading acne scars and minimizing wrinkles and fine lines. To date, there have been many ongoing studies, research publications, and many discussions on the Internet on the matter of resolving skin problems with red light therapy. The results are promising, but the full efficacy of this therapy has not yet been determined.

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