15 Best Makeup Products For Daily Use

The best makeup products have always been a source of expression. Below, you’ll find a list of my favourite everyday makeup products for each category: foundation primer, powder, concealer, bronzer, eyelash curler blush, mascara, eyeliner, lip liner highlighter, lip colour, brush setting spray, mascara.

Whether you are a newbie to makeup or have been experimenting with cosmetics for years. It is important that you have a collection of makeup accessories that will allow you to create a beautiful everyday look. 

In this article, I am going to tell you about the 15 best makeup products for daily use, whether you are a makeup novice who prefers without makeup, or you. After getting the basics of make-up, it is very easy to add playful or modern make-up products to your collection and add them to your beauty looks.

1: PRIMER is Among the Best Makeup Products for Everyday Use

But when it comes to my everyday shape, these are the products I wear day and night.

Although some people do not think that facial primer is necessary, I personally see it as an important step in my makeup routine

The exact effects of face primer on your skin and makeup may vary, but overall, their main purpose is to smooth your skin and make your makeup look fresh throughout the day.

Regardless of your skin type, there is a primer for you, whether you are looking for a formula to control oils and/or acne, moisturize, smooth out rough textures, correct colour, and more.

My favourite facial primer is a fantasy beauty primer – it’s expensive but it takes a little longer and the bottle will stay with you forever.


Foundation is probably the hardest part of your makeup routine because you need to consider not only the type of coverage you want (ie sheer/natural, medium, or full) but also your skin type.  And the undertones too.

If you are new to foundation wear or you are not sure which type/shade is right for you, …I recommend going to your nearest Sephora Macor department store and having a makeup artist help you. I would suggest you choose the one that matches the colour and fits.  Your coverage needs.  If you want to see how your skin feels before buying a formula, ..it is a good idea to ask for a sample.

Even if you prefer to buy foundation at a drugstore, I still recommend meeting at a top-level store first.  This will give you a better idea of which shades to look for.

3. CC Cream good natural makeup looks

Personally, I prefer CC cream over a regular foundation, because I think it looks a lot more natural.  This is a great option if you are looking for something that has skincare benefits like moisturizing or priming (some CC creams have built-in primer).

Also, if you are new to the world of makeup, a good bb and cc cream foundation is an even better place to start, ..as it feels lighter on the skin, more difficult than necessary.  , And it can be applied with your fingers.

A major downside of BB and CC creams is that they usually come in a limited shade range and do not cater to darker skin tones.  However, I managed to find articles that provide a list of BB cream options for people of colour.  (PS. If you have any recommendations for BB or CC cream for women of colour

4. Concealer

Concealer is a must if you have acne, dark circles, or any other colour.

Concealers come in a full coverage and sheer coverage formulations, and how much you try to hide depends on who you choose.

When choosing a concealer for acne and/or pigmentation, look for a natural shade that is as close as possible to your foundation / BB cream shade.

Dark circles are a bit more complex, as they vary greatly in colour and how they look on different skin tones, but in general, it’s best to use a peach or pink concealer to hide them.  a thought.

I have two favourite concealers – for blemishes or colour, I like ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR.  For dark circles under the eyes, I can’t live without BOBBI BROWN CORRECTOR Bisque.

5. Blush Basic makeup things you need

Shyness can have a huge impact on your overall appearance, and I personally never leave it out of my makeup routine.  Blush is especially important if you are wearing a foundation with more opaque coverage, which can sometimes leave your complexion a little flat.

The blush comes in powder, gel and cream formulations, with powder being the most popular.  Recently, though, creams and gel blush have become very popular.

When choosing a blush colour, choose something that gives you a natural glow.  Whatever the colour of your skin, be careful not to over-shine or use too heavy a hand when applying, as these things can make you laugh.

In general, pink and peach colours work best on medium skin, while mauve, maroon and purple shades work best on darker skin colours.

6. Highlighter

Speaking of highlights, I can’t leave out the highlighter from this list (15 best makeup products for daily use)

Like beauty products, highlighters come in a variety of forms: powder, cream, liquid, stick, and powder/cream hybrid.  Each of these has its own unique benefits, but for beginners, I recommend powder or stick, as they are the easiest to work with.

My foolproof way to apply a highlighter is to apply it lightly along the bridge of your nose, the tops of your cheekbones, the bow of your Cupid and just below your eyebrows.

You can also do multitask and use your highlighter as an eye shadow!

Lastly, just like finding the perfect shade of foundation, finding the right shade of highlighter depends on the specific tone and undertone of your skin, so it’s a good idea to personally test different colours if possible.

7. Bronzer

As a person who likes to be pale, I don’t really use a bronzer.  However, if you are trying to kiss in the sun, it is important to use the right shade of bronzer.

I recommend that your skin be no more than one or two shades darker than the natural colour, and for a healthy glow either wash it lightly on all the high places on your face or just in the pores of your cheeks.  Down where you will put (your shyness) for a more snatched look.

Either way, be sure to use a light hand and mix well!

As far as matte vs. gloss is concerned, it depends on the rest of your appearance. if all the other products you are using on your face are matte and you want to add some gloss, get something with a little gloss.  But, if you are already using other glossy products, use a matte formula to avoid gloss overload.

8: Mascara

Mascara not only helps to emphasize the make-up but also gives it a special look.  Perfectly coated eyelashes look for a frame that makes the eyes look deep and beautiful.  A high-quality mascara makes our lashes black, long, thick and curly.

9: Eyelash curler

The easiest way to break or remove your lashes is to apply mascara before you curl.  “It makes your eyelids stick together, and the mascara will stick to the curler, too.”

According to a make-up artist, small lashes can be curled – and that’s how it is.  If you like the shape of the fanned eyelashes, curling them will go much further than just a mascara swipe.  … “I always like to use two lash curlers when curling small lashes.

10: Lip Liner

To keep the lipstick longer, sketch your lips with a liner and then fill it.  Apply lipstick on it.  Make it a ritual, especially if you wear bold colours.  In addition to creating a colour stick, a good liner enhances the true colour of your lipstick by acting as a base on which the lipstick holds.

11: Lipstick or Lip Gloss

You can’t deny that lipstick is going through a crucial moment right now: whether you take a liquid or a pill formula;  A glossy, satin, or matte finish, there is definitely a lipstick that will meet your needs!

For starters, I would suggest starting with a colour that is close to the shade of your natural lips as it is the easiest to apply and go.15 best makeup products for daily use (15 best makeup products for daily use)

12: Setting Spray good looking makeup

I used to use it before going out for college nights.

We’ll get home at 4 in the morning, look in the mirror and feel our make-up is still in place.

Now I use it on long days full of meetings and celebrations instead of nights because I’m getting old.

13: Liquid Eyeliner and pencil eyeliner

In almost all cases, liquid eyeliner is darker and more pigmented than a pencil.  Because of this, one stroke of eyeliner provides bold lines in Look Me.  Perfect for dramatic form.  … To get started, line up with your pencil eyeliner and layer it with your eye shadow.

14: Best Lip Balm: Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Lip Pop

You should try to use lip balm in moderation.  In fact, some dermatologists believe that overuse can prevent your lips from producing natural oils.  They also take care that you may feel dependent on the balm for moisture.  Despite these warnings, it is still safe for you to use lip balm every time (15 best makeup products for daily use)

15: Best Makeup Storage Containers/ bags

Now that you have all the essentials, you need somewhere to store them!

For all brushes and makeup products, simple makeup bags/pouches work well, while brush rolls are great for storing

– you guessed it – brushes, and even for travelling.  Pencil cups and even empty mason jars are great storage options for makeup brushes.