Skydio2 The World’s Smartest Drone


After the development of the flying cameras, every person at a certain moment has wished of buying one. The drones gained popularity worldwide, especially the media people. Whatever new is invented, gets trendy for some time and fades back into the background. But the hype that drones gained over time never died down. These portable little flying airplanes (sort of) kept on upgrading. The addition of new features in the drones made them cooler than ever before. Addressed to all the drone lovers, this new Skydio2 drone will make you fall for it, I’m sure. This electric blue beauty, Skydio2 The World’s Smartest Drone comes up with a wide range of options that I find extraordinarily quirky.

Skydio2 Overview

They say, drones are dumb but Skydio2 is smart. The company skydio has released a new kind of drone that does everything on its own. By that I mean, its autonomous but if you want to control it on your own then no need to worry. The skydio2 can be controlled manually too. The coolest thing about these drones is you can operate it in three different ways. A joystick controller, remote and a mobile app is all what you will be needing to steer this bluey off. Even if you are naïve like me who has no knowledge of flying a drone skydio wont bother you much. Because everything is being taken care of. You won’t be needing any prior experience or knowledge of flying drones. It’s super easy and super quick, trust me on that.

Features of Skydio2 The World’s Smartest Drone

As I have mentioned earlier that skydio2 comes up with number of options. It is designed carefully to match the needs and requirements of a user. All the exciting features that we are going to mention down below will verily compel you to buy one for you and step out of your home into aesthetic woods.

It flies itself

The best thing about this blue Skydio2 The World’s Smartest Drone is that it flies itself with its fully autonomous cinematography. Skydio’s self-flying system uses Artificial intelligence. Whether you are boating, cycling, hiking, driving or simply driving, the skydio2 while steering on its own will follow you everywhere you go. Just do not test it by hiding in thickets because it might loose you if you get out of its range. Moreover it will film everything that you want to capture from above in the air.

Control it Manually

This flying robot camera can be controlled manually as well. There are three ways to pilot this mini jet:

  • Mobile application

The first and the easiest way to make the skydio2 work is installing the skydio2 mobile application. After the set up is complete, and your drone is connected to the mobile, a control system will pop up on the screen. When it’s your first time using the app, you will get a complete guidance on how to run it. The Max height with the phone app is 16km (53.75ft) and the range is 20m (66ft) which is much more than a beacon and a controller. This is rough estimation because your wife or internet connection plays an important role too. Moreover the phone automatically records the voice when you are using or controlling your drone with the phone app. Cool?

  • The Beacon and the controller

The skydio2 beacon is a small remote control. The control buttons are crafted in the easiest way possible. Move it up, down, left, right or swirl it around with just a small movement of your fingers. Whereas the controller is just like a joystick. If you have a past experience of flying the drone with a controller then leave your phone aside and enjoy hovering it. You can turn the wand mode on with Beacon and wave your hand in the direction where you want the drone and it will be at your service. The controller extends the range to up to 3.5km.

Speed and Obstacle avoidance

The speed of skydio2 is up to 36mph. With its 360-degree obstacle avoidance you don’t have to think about its crash landing into the trees or hills while you or hiking or biking. It will automatically avoid the obstacles and film things.

Camera Quality

The skydio2 portable drone captures with 4k60 HDR camera. The picture quality is jaw dropping. The HD images are same as that you click in a really pricy camera. Following are the additional features:

  • 13 steps dynamic range
  • 120 FPS Slow motion
  • 12 Megapixel raw photos


One of the best features of the skydio2 drone camera is the drag and drop feature with which you can easily adjust the height. Not just that the orientation can be corrected too.

Skydio2 will chase you

Yes, this mini drone has an ability to chase you. The company has incorporated in it a feature, by using which the drone will be more like a pet going everywhere you go. You won’t have to look back at it over and over again because the sound of propellers will be consistent signal that its still there and has not crashed into any obstacle.

Skydio2 in a nutshell

F 2.8
MICRO SD support256 GB
Pixels12 Megapixel

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions that we have tried to answer in the best possible way.

How much does the Skydio2 drone cost?

The Skydio2+ starts at $1,099 and goes on to $2,169. Initially the skydio2 drone was included in one of those things that costed less than $1000 but then in couple of months it has seen a leap in price range. Now it will take you to pay $1099 for basic package and $2169 for a pro kit. Moreover you can now order a waterproof cover for your mini friend. However, I must add her that you must pay an additional $149 for the Skydio Beacon which is totally optional.

Is the Skydio2 worth it?

Before spending money on either drone or simply a camera, every mind clicks an important question: Is it worth buying? I would say If your budget is near the price range of skydio2 then its definitely worth buying because of all the features it has to offer.

What does a skydio2 drone kit contain in it?

The skydio2 drone kit contains:

  • Single battery
  • Charger
  • USB-C cable
  • Pair of spare propellers
  • Quality custom-fit hard-shell case

The original kit does not come up with the controller which you have to buy for few extra dollars and it is totally optional and up to you.

What is the range of Skydio 2?

If you are using the Skydio controller the range will be six-kilometer. But if you are using the skydio2 new beacon it also gets a boost in range up to three kilometers (1.86 miles)

Can I fly Skydio 2 indoors?

No, you can not use the skydio2 inside rooms or compact places. You have to choose an area bigger than a small room and in the area where there is enough of light. This is because the skydio2 camera uses light to see the objects or obstacles and it even gives you a signal when it becomes too dark for it to see.

How much does the Skydio 2 weigh?

The total weight of skydo2 is 1.7 lbs which is approximately 775 g.

Does Skydio 2 Zoom?

It has the X2 ability of zooming up to 16x with color camera and with infrared camera it can zoom up to 8x. It got a high-powered information processing core and six cameras.

Does Skydio 2 use GPS?

Skydio 2/2+ has built-in GPS, which enhances the autonomous flight experience with features that enable it to follow a Beacon or go to a point on a map within the Skydio 2 app. Below are some details about the GPS capabilities of your Skydio 2/2+ drone

Does Skydio fold?

Skydio X2 Drones Get Folding Body, Thermal Camera, Longer Flight And A New Controller. … That means a ruggedized airframe that can better stand up to tougher treatment, and folding arms that make packing the drone more straightforward.

Does Skydio 2 have geofencing?

No, the SkyDio 2 does not have geofencing, but it does have an inbuilt GPS. … This drone’s inbuilt GPS enables an autonomous flight experience with some features that allow it to follow a signal or fly to a point on the map within the SkyDio 2 application.

How close can Skydio 2 follow?

Although Skydio 2 has a maximum operational altitude of 4572 m (15,000 ft) above sea level, the height ceiling has been optimized to track a subject accurately for that perfect shot.

A Quick Flyover

Skydio is surely world’s smartest drone. It is designed to suit the user’s needs and requirements. Not just the appearance but the features too enthrall the attention of gadget lovers unfailingly.