Meeting Owl Pro – A Decent Choice as a Conference Cam

After the deadly pandemic broke out, the world saw a drastic shift not just in the lifestyle, technology but in every walk of life. From education to office work, everything rolled on to the digital world. At first it felt like an impossible task to shift the work from physical setup to online setup. But we will always be indebted to the cloud companies for making things easier for the world. Companies like Zoom, and Google meets broke new grounds in the online war. Gadgets like Meeting Owl Pro have taken the online meetings to a completely new level. Let’s explore it together.

Meeting Owl Pro: A Fleeting of overview

Meeting owl pro is a 360-degree camera. A little apparently owl like gadget is a combination of a mic, speaker and a camera, perfect tool for your meeting. Place this cute owl on your table, integrate with your meeting apps like skype, teams, zoom and connect those in office with those who are working from home. The voice and camera quality is amazing. let’s unfold the features and specifications.

Shape and Accessories

Meeting Owl comes up in a cylindrical shape. There is a rounded glass camera on the and the speaker grill is covered with a soft cloth. If you’ve ordered the premium pack then you will be getting additional accessories like Owl Lock Adapter, a 16′ USB Extension cable, and Owl Care.

Camera and Speaker

The owl is crafted with 1080p, 360 degree smart video conferencing camera. It combines a 360° lens with eight omnidirectional echo-canceling microphones and a 360° speaker system. The camera quality is excellent, the skin tones that it shows is mostly accurate and like real. The colors are mostly warm and saturated.

The video quality is also better than many other conferencing cameras. As you know that the owl cam is for large room meetings but even if you are using it in the small offices or in the room in your backyard, still you won’t face any video distortion. The camera is autofocus and adjust images accordingly.

Moreover there are eight built-in microphones. If you are downloading the app, then you will have an extra option of voice cancellation which in my opinion is great.

Camera1080p 360 degree
SystemQualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor
USB Type-A port
weighs 2.6 pounds
Owl pro in a nutshell

There are many conferencing devices available out there but Meeting Owl Pro with its features has proved itself to be better. You can use it both in compact and spacious places with excellent video and audio quality. Connecting those at home with those at office has now become pretty easier than it was before with the evolving technology.