How to Improve Education System in Pakistan

Elementary Education in Pakistan

All over the globe Governments are working to improve the quality of elementary education provided by schools. Although! The government also working on controlling the quality of elementary education in Pakistan. The education system in Pakistan had deteriorated drastically over the years. The danger was that less knowledgeable people would be found in our future generations. However, for some time now, our government has been creating policies to improve the education system in Pakistan

Aims of Education in Pakistan

Even within Pakistan, education is the goal that is all over the world. As the quality of education is a hot topic in Pakistan So, we have to see the aims of education in Pakistan. In my opinion, the purpose of the education that is being inside Pakistan is only to get a job but it is not bad Pakistan is on the list of best engineers, doctors, lawyers from here. As time goes on there is a noticeable change in the way people are moving to learn the skill sets

Government Policies to Improve Education System in Pakistan

As we have said above government is working on the quality of education in Pakistan. People should also support the government by pointing out the shortcomings of education. If we talk about the new education policy in Pakistan. So, the present government is doing a lot of work on this, with emphasis on making all curricula uniform and giving equal education to all. The government introduced a new learning management system (digiskills) through which millions of Pakistanis got an education and developed their skills. We also can say its expert schooling system.

Education Crisis in Pakistan

If we do a critical analysis of the education system in Pakistan. There we see lots of problems, We can define them by calling them the education crisis in Pakistan. Let’s explain One of the biggest problems is the shortage of teachers. In some areas where there is a great need for teachers, very few teachers have been recruited. If we talk about densely populated areas education is considered a bad thing there and some people have a conservative mindset such as they don’t allow girls to get educated, another bad factor is the lack of updates in education, teachers are following the same old education system and unaware from upcoming changes around the world. We have discussed the lack of an education system before.

Quality of Teacher Education in Pakistan

The teacher plays a vital role in building a responsible nation. Teachers in Pakistan have qualified at the elementary level but in colleges or universities mostly lecturers are not qualified and can not deliver the lectures accordingly. But now the government started to train the teachers and is aware of the advanced education system.

Home Schooling in Pakistan

There is a small group of homeschoolers in Pakistan. With the passage of time homeschooling in Pakistan is increasing rapidly. Parents are not happy with this local system because this is more expensive than other education systems.

In conclusion! the Level of the education system in Pakistan was not better in past. However, if we talk about the new education policies to improve the education system in Pakistan. So, we can say that our education system will be better than past in near future.