Arshad Nadeem Acquires Pakistan’s First Javelin Gold – Pride of Pakistan

Arshad Nadeem a Pakistani Javelin thrower, the son of a mason becomes the pride of Pakistan. He is a 25 years old man from Mian Channu who made the whole country proud by winning the gold medal in the Commonwealth games 2022.
Arshad was introduced to athletics at a young age and showed great potential from the beginning. He rose through the ranks quickly, becoming one of the top javelin throwers in the country.
He is the representative of WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority) in domestic competitions. Arshad is also the first Pakistani who qualified for the finals of any track and field event at the Olympic game and the World Athletic Championship. He created a new record with a throw of 90.18m at the Commonwealth game 2022 and became the first South Asian athlete who crossed the barrier of 90m.

Early Life:

Arshad Nadeem was born in Mian Channu, Khanewal, Punjab. His father is a mason by profession. He is the third eldest son in his family.
Arshad was a versatile athlete early in his school years. He was passionate about cricket. He even played age-group cricket at the state level.
Soon his talent for Javelin throw was discovered which caught the eye of Rashid Ahmed Saqi who trained him to throw the spear.

Beginning of the Journey:

To support his family, Arshad attended the sports quota for WAPDA (Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority). There he throws up to 55m which caught the attention of Pakistan’s five-time national champion and Asian medalist javelin thrower Syed Hussain Bukhari.
Bukhari saw his potential and decided to take him in on training camp for the championship. With a throw of 69m, Arshad won the gold medal in the inter-department championship. Hussain Bukhari became his permanent coach.
He trained Arshad on every ground available in Lahore including the Punjab Athletics Association athletics track near Gaddafi Stadium. Their arduous work started to show within a year.

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The Rise of Arshad Nadeem:

In 2015, Arshad Nadeem started competing in the javelin throw event. He was representing WAPDA in the National Championship. There he broke the barrier of 70 m for the very first time which was good enough for international selection.
In 2016, he received a scholarship from the IAAF which entitled him to eight months of training at the IAAF High-Performance Training Center in Mauritius.
In the same year, Arshad exposed himself to international competition in the South Asian Games for the very first time and acquired a bronze medal with the best throw of 78.33m. From now on, the journey of success never stops. In 2017, Arshad received a bronze medal with a throw of 76.33m at the Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku.
In April 2018, he participated in the Commonwealth Games for the very first time and set his personal best throw of 80.45m. Then in August 2018, he set his new personal best and national record of 80.75m at the Asian Games in Jakarta where he won a bronze medal. Similarly, in the same year, he sustained a back injury but still managed to attain the eighth position in the Commonwealth Games, Gold Coast Australia.
With each passing year, Arshad was achieving success and creating a new record for himself. As the only Pakistani athlete participating in World Athletics Championship 2019 in Doha, Qatar, he created a new personal best and national record of 81.52m.
As the representative of WAPDA, he won a gold medal by setting a national record of 83.65m at the 33rd National Games in Peshawar. In December 2019, he won another gold medal with a throw of 86.29m at the 13th SouthAsian Games held in Nepal.

Arshad Nadeem Made his way to the Olympics:

Arshad’s journey to the Olympics was not an easy one. He faced many challenges, including injuries, but he persevered. His hard work and determination paid off, and he represented Pakistan at the Olympic Games.
Arshad made his first appearance at the Olympics representing Pakistan at the 2020 Summer Olympics. At this time, he was suffering from a long-standing elbow injury but still managed to participate.
In 2021, he qualified for the finals of the 2020 Olympics with a throw of 85.16m and became the first Pakistani track and field athlete who received direct qualification For the Olympics.
Arshad’s father stated that Arshad was not provided with good training facilities before competing in the Olympics and did not receive any financial assistance from the Government of Pakistan.
Arshad underwent training in his own house’s courtyard and streets. On 7 August 2021, Arshad secured 5th position in the men’s javelin throw event with a throw of 84.62m at the 2020 Olympics, Tokyo, Japan.
He was the first Pakistani athlete who was directly qualified for any track and field event at Olympics Games.

Remarkable Achievements of 2022 despite Injuries:

After appearing in the Olympics, Arshad got an opportunity to train from South Africa’s Terseus Liebenberg, who was considered one of the best coaches according to the SA Athletics Statisticians.
In his training, he got another soft tissue trauma injury in the knee. In July 2022, Arshad participated in the World Athletics Championship in Eugene, Oregon, USA. As the sole representative of Pakistan, he secured 5th position with a throw of 86.16m. Despite injuries, he won the gold medal for Pakistan at the Commonwealth Games 2022.
On August 7, 2022, he made a new game record with a throw of 90.18m and became the first South Asian to cross the barrier of 90m. On August 12, 2022, he bagged another gold medal at Islamic Solidarity Games 2021 in Konya, Turkey. There he made another game record with a throw of 88.55m.
It was his second gold medal in 6 days and made the whole country proud. Now, the Asian games in China are postponed to next year, and Arshad will undergo treatment for his long-standing elbow issue in London.


From being a boy with big dreams to now being the premier track and field athlete, Arshad’s story has inspired many people. He raised the status of the country at the global level through all his remarkable achievements.
Arshad faced many obstacles during his journey to success. He had to overcome poverty, lack of resources, and injuries.
Despite all these obstacles, Arshad remained positive and continued to work hard. This dedication and determination are what ultimately helped him achieve his goals.
He is an inspiration to all Pakistani athletes and hopes that he maintains his gold-winning performance in the future. Arshad Nadeem has proved that hard work and dedication can help you achieve your dreams.

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