Best Buy Heart Rate Monitor – MyZone MZ-Switch Watch

While running for a mile and half, paddling in water or skipping at home, you’re definitely gonna loose track of time. Some of the people who initially had the plans to go for exercising at home loose motivation to keep up with it pretty soon. But a big thanks to evolving technology that we have this Best Buy Heart Rate Monitor that will help you in multiple things. Let’s dive in!

What is MyZone MZ-Switch Watch 

My Zone company has opened up to us new dimensions of activity tracking with their MZ-Switch Watch. It is a wearable fitness tracker that monitors your heart rate, displays the calories burnt and the intensity of your workout. It comes in adjustable sizes. You can wear it on your wrist, biceps, and chest. Upgrade to the MyZone Switch, and you are set to hop on a treadmill. 


Best Buy Heart Rate Monitor comes up with numerous exciting features. Some of which would definitely compel you to shop one for yourself right away.

Heart Rate Monitor

The first thing first is the integration of ECG and PPG sensors in the MZ Switch watch. ECG is an electrocardiogram that records the electrical signals in your heart. Whereas PPG is Photoplethysmography. A simple optical technique that is used to detect volumetric changes in blood in the peripheral circulation. These sensors can detect even small changes in your blood flow and record the heart rate. This additionally, aligns with the World Health Organization’s Guidelines for Physical Activity which equates to 1300 MEPs per month.

Myzone Effort Points (MEPs)

Mz company has invented specially To the MEPs to show you how hard your heart works out. As a result of which you are rewarded for the efforts, you put in while working out. The reward for the effort is displayed in the form of Zones on the screen. Each zone is worth a different number of MEPs. Different type of zones is a signal either to slow down with your workout or step up. Reaching up different zones turns the whole experience of exercise into a game that you want to play and win.

Built-in memory and battery life

One of the best reasons to buy the heart rate watch is its built-in memory and the long battery life. This amazing gadget comes up the six months’ battery life. When you are no noticing your live workout tile, you don’t have to worry. Because there is no way you are losing your exercise data in any way possible. My Zone stores up to 30 hours of data. From a full charge, your MZ-Switch will monitor any physical activity for three to six months of battery life.

MZ-Switch mobile application

MZ-Switch New Model Watches can now display all of your exercise data on your phone through their official application. You can create a community and share your rewarded points with people who will celebrate the achievements. The Myzone app also helps you track the MEPs live. Get real-time feedback during exercise and save your workouts.


The price range of the MZ-Switch is absolutely affordable. You can buy it for $159.95 / £139.50 / AU$209.99. Explore more about the MZ switch here.

MyZone Switch watch has proved itself to be one of the best products of 2021. Whether it is hiking, jumping, running, or swimming, you can track your activity rate with this exciting product. Yes, take a leap into the water because this little gadget is waterproof. With the bands of three different sizes, you can wear this heart rate monitor the way you feel convenient and you are all set for the planned exercises.