Fujifilm Instax Mini Mobile Photo Printer

A long time ago the invention of printers left people dumbfounded. Those printers were heavy, and complex to use. But with the development in technology, those huge pieces of machinery have been compacted to pocket size. To our amazement, printers are on the list of compacted stuff. However, we have discovered a new gadget that you would definitely adore. Fujifilm Instax Mini Mobile Photo Printer is the epitome of technological achievements.

If you are photogenic and want to develop your photos right away then this mini is just for you. I’m dead sure that deep down everyone wants to preserve their memories in paperback because not everyone is compatible with scrolling through their phone in search of that one photo. The Fujifilm Instax Mini Mobile Photo Printer is the right choice.

Available in almost all the desirable colours, this mobile printer is a portable device that you can hold in your hand, slip into your pocket or keep in the bag. Additionally, these minis sync up to your smartphone or other devices and print the physical copies of the digital photos. The link comes with only one button in the centre which apparently is the company’s logo.

Instax Mini Printer Photo Quality

The mini mobile printer is capable of printing HD-quality images. In the same way, this tiny gadget can print the photos from the videos as well. Whether you want monochrome or colour shots, the image quality is jaw-dropping. The supported image size is 800 × 600 dots. The images get printed in the time span of about 12 seconds (approximately 90 seconds development time after printing). The classic white plastic border surrounds the final product. Moreover, you can add filters and frames to your photos, which in my point of view is the coolest feature that a mini photo printer has to offer.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Mobile Photo Printer App

One of the amazing things about the mini link is that you can connect it with your phone directly through Bluetooth without worrying about the wires. All you need to do is download the Mini Link mobile printer app on your phone, hit the Bluetooth option, pair devices and there you go. The app will show you the printing option. By clicking that you will be able to print a photo onto a sheet of Instax Mini film. To be honest, the app has made everything simpler for us, and the mini printer is a fun quotient device.

Instax SP2 Price

The Mini Mobile Photo Printer is available at Amazon for $126.03. If we look at all the features and the ease that this mini printer is providing then it really seems reasonable to me.

In the fast-growing world, where everything is developing with time, tech companies are nowhere in the background. One of the biggest reasons behind their success is they are making everything portable. The mini mobile photo printer has been added to the list of portable devices. You don’t have to go to a photographer and ask him to develop the photos because this tiny printer does everything while being in your hand. Buy this mini and get photos smaller than a polaroid right at one click.