Best Custom Controller For Stream To Buy This Year

Step up your live content creation and gaming career to stand out among others with a mini keypad controller for the stream! Make the whole process of sending alerts, making calls, toggling mics, and video editing a lot easier without creating a fuss. Custom consoles are really a game-changer that offers unlimited custom-made features. Like programmable buttons that switch the scenes in OBS, keep records of all metrics, and sets the time for every individual task with just a quick tap.

Because of the increasing popularity and awareness within the gaming community, tons of brands are diving deep into the technology behind this gadget to come up with something more advanced regarding design and performance. It allows newbies to perform live streaming on YouTube and Twitch to stay hooked with their audience. Moreover, it gives studio-level control to the user for optimizing the content effectively.

Everyone wants a top-tier gaming experience at a low price, that’s why we have chosen some of the best stream deck that falls within the budget.

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Elgato Stream Deck Gaming Keypad

controller for stream

Our runner-up choice is Elgato Stream Deck, a well-crafted fun gadget with 15 programmable keys and some useful integration tools. Much has evolved regarding the Elgato because the previous model Stream deck mini was a massive one with 32 flexible keys and of course marketed at a high price.

But now, the upgraded version has a pretty simple triangular shape with a  black solid plastic body and a high-quality finish. The rubber base at the back helps to avoid the risk of falling from the desk. The tactile soft and satisfying keys make the operations more responsive without having to worry about any noticeable delay or accidental clicks.

Admittedly, the controller for stream boosts productivity and saves time by giving an extensive range of custom-made options for making an intuitive display. You can personalize the LCD keys by creating your own icons or using the default one. Interestingly, Elgato’s plugin store also offers 100+ free apps that cover Spotify, light control, and even track your crypto portfolio.

You can’t go wrong with Elgato if you want access to all features on the go. Another fancier option it provides is creating and organizing recurring actions into “profiles or multi-action” which prompt several actions at once. In order to perform the task, one has to install the app on the computer and assign functions to the LCD Keys.

No global settings are required after purchase, drag and drop interface lets you understand the whole scenario in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the Elgato Stream Deck offers great compatibility with macOS and Windows.


  • Lightweight
  • Offers single-tap operation
  • Provides several customization options
  • Comes along with an adjustable stand


  • High price tag
  • LCDs sharpness could be improved

Razer Tartarus Pro Keypad Mini

controller for stream

This one-handed feature-rich keypad with a whooping 20 customizable keys would be a perfect choice for gamers. It gives a competitive edge as it brings a variety of versatile features at a reasonable price. It comes equipped with Hypershift and programmable macros for creating custom-made shortcuts.

Moreover, the controller for stream analogue-optical switches allow activating the keypad partially, fully, or in between by exerting pressure according to personal preferences.  The scroll wheel, thumbpad, RGB lighting, and a two-way adjustable palm rest make it worth drooling. The controllers have a sleek, lightweight design that fits pretty well alongside the crowded streaming desk.

Point not to be missed is the cutting-edge Synapse 3 software that gives a dual-functionality, pressure-sensitive feel to this cool gadget. Simply it works like a joystick, half-press the button for one operation and fully press for the other, so you can perform two functions with a single tap.

Agonizingly, the infinite customization options can only be managed through an app as the controller has no built-in memory. This means you need to sign up and grant the system access to utilize its full capabilities. Thanks to the wrist rest that keeps the palm in a relaxing position and doesn’t trigger any muscle.


  • Ultra-fast speed of response
  • Analog optical switches
  • Cost-effective
  • RGB lighting effects


  • Bulky
  • Doesn’t fit comfortably

Loupedeck Custom Console

controller for stream

At first glance, it looks incredibly simple, sleek, and a classy gadget with a dynamic interface that gives complete freedom to live streamers and content creators. Despite that, it comes with LED back-lightning, 12 fully custom-made square buttons, haptic analogue dials, and other unlimited features to add a natural feel to your content. The mounted stand allows adjusting the tool at a 30-degree angle.

Furthermore, the edges of this console are assembled with multiple buttons, scroll wheels, and a USB port. Effortlessly control audio channels, and microphone levels, switch scenes, or edit the workflow with endless possibilities. Now here comes the need to unfold the real magic which is various software integration like OBS Studio, Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC, and After effects.

But we can’t miss mentioning Spotify, Twitch, Streamlabs OBS,  Final Cut Pro, and Audition CC. The console has ready-to-use profiles for the aforementioned applications that benefit in multiple ways without settings the shortcuts first. Another thing to add is you must log in to the app if you want to stay connected even without internet access.


  • Portable
  • RGB Backlight
  • 6 rotation encoders
  • LCD with touch panel  


  • No travel case
  • Must be logged in if there is no internet

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Well, sit back and think if you have the potential to boost your earnings through live content creation and streaming. If YES, then a mini keypad custom controller for a stream is a must-have tool for you. It edits photos and videos, switches scenes in OBS and Streamlab, and sends alerts in a single tap without sacrificing the pleasure of streaming. At first, it hits your mind why I need these custom consoles. But the customizable buttons and dials will keep your streaming at high quality limitlessly. So, know your needs first and take a bit of time to do some research before taking your wallet out.