Current Educational System Is Failing Each Passing Day

Our children deserve better! They deserve to have quality education, advanced technologies, well-qualified trainers, and state-of-the-art facilities. Every child has the right to excel academically irrespective of gender, finances, language, and ethnicity. Unfortunately, our current education system is failing each passing day. Our kids cannot fulfill the demands of a hyper-connected society mainly due to inequities, poor infrastructure, and a lack of digital learning.

Today’s schools are no less than a prison pipeline where most of the students are at their breaking points. They are taught to win and beat others around them to be on top no matter what. They are over-scheduled rather than free to enjoy the phases of learning and the excitement of challenges.  The desire to get praised is markedly different from the urge to do better. We have confined our children to the text written in their books without even thinking about future innovations. Limiting their learning is closing their minds to a handful of opportunities waiting for them. Let’s get into the roots to find where we are lacking.

Redefine the role of Instructors

Undeniably, teaching is the most rewarding profession! But some teachers often lack the skills needed to expand the creativity of their students.

It’s a hard pill to swallow but today’s trainers focus on teaching, not learning. They are lacking the resilience to adopt new curricula, emerging trends, and competency-based learning approaches. The old practices of recitation and memorization techniques followed by exam tests are still widely used. The process to implement social-emotional learning, appropriate assessment techniques, and e-learning methodologies is still not clear.

There is a huge need to redefine the role of teachers in order to meet the multidimensional needs of students attending the schools. Implementing modern techniques and collaborative skills with problem-based learning is paramount. Teachers must have first-hand experience in understanding the mental, physical, and wellness needs of their students for their survival in the real world. Let children create their own flexible and diverse learning environment under the guidance of instructors that must be creative, welcoming, and respectful to all. Becoming a trusted mentor by supporting the learning differences is the core objective of this respectful profession.

Unlock the power of Hybrid Learning

Digitally native learners are expecting more from their teachers than the old practice of memorization. Tech tools have opened up creative ways and robust strategies of learning for instructors. Making lesson delivery more interactive with front-of-class displays and media-rich content is beneficial for both teachers and learners. Digital learning can facilitate active engagement, group collaboration, interactive online sessions, and meaningful connections. But tech comes with its downside that’s why the current education system is failing. Keeping a watchful eye during a child’s screen time could be helpful in providing productive content.

Parental involvement

Parental involvement plays a vital role in nurturing the child’s creativity and character building. The attitude and active participation of parents towards education help the children to perform better and achieve more during and after school hours. Picking up the child from school and asking about the homework is not enough. Children demand something more! A supportive learning environment, active communication, attending meetings and school activities, and making everyday tasks educational open opportunities for a better academic future.  

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